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International Adoption Ministry (IAM) is bursting at the seams with excitement! We are helping our very fist family with their adoption costs. Not only that , but, Kelly Schultz is a dear friend of mine.  Her story is better than Cinderella’s ! Kelly, not only found true love but a son too!  Please read on!

 Kelly is the mom to seven children , through birth and foster adoption. Kelly almost committed to 2 little ones in Ukraine but before she could they posted that  to adopt you had to be married . Kelly was single at the time, so she was unable to qualify.  Soon after,Kelly met a Reece’s Rainbow follower who had adopted and needed respite for her little ones with Down syndrome.  Kelly fell head over heels in love with them and knew that one day she would bring home her own. While they were staying with her, she introduced her sister to Reece’s Rainbow Adoption Ministry. That is when they saw Andrejs from Latvia. He was adorable and Kelly’s sister committed to him right after Christmas 2008. Kelly helped fund raise, do paperwork, pray etc and even traveled with her to meet him in April 2010. He finally came home in October 2010 after 22 months of them loving him from afar!
Kelly’s nephew Jack – adopted from Latvia
adopted orphan
Kelly was a single mom for much of her life and had 7 children so qualifying for an international adoption seemed  impossible.
However, God had a little something up His sleeve.
International Adoption
Kelly met her husband Bill on the 4th of July 2011 and everything started to fall in place. They were married May 4, 2013 and moved into their new home in June. By the end of July they had scheduled their home study and now they are just about ready to travel! They are going to Serbia, and are bringing home their son!
Kelly has helped so many families with their adoptions, IAM is honored to be helping her now!
To help raise the last few thousand needed to travel we are hosting an Auction on Facebook.   Donations are also being accepted through Project Hopeful,  and through International Adoption Ministry (IAM). To donate to the Schultz family through (IAM) just use the donation button to the right. All donations are safe and secure through Paypal.